Mago de Oz Cuento de Frank Baum (1985)

Mago de Oz Cuento de Frank Baum (1985) / Directed by Ang‚lica Ortiz, Ram¢n T‚llez. With Ang‚lica Vale, David Rodrigo, Ana Gloria Blanch, Lucio Boliver. In this minimalist stage version of the MGM film, Dorotea is swept to Oz by an offstage tornado, greeted by Glinda and flowery Munchkins, not played by actors. Glinda looks suspiciously like Mother Ema (not Aunt). A Wicked Witch appears with blacked out teeth who looks like Dona Brujilda, who has been trying to get rid of Dorotea’s dog. She meets Espantapajaros (the Scarecrow), Hombre de Hojalata… / Family / Comedy / Musical / Mexico